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Anyone who ever studies near death experiences will eventually discover the case of Walter Russell. Born in 1871, Russell reportedly had near death experiences every seven years until the age of 49, at which time he had one that lasted 39 days uninterrupted. Wikipedia lists his achievements as "a painter, sculptor, author and builder and less well known as a natural philosopher and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. He posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange." [1]

As stated by his late wife Lao Russell, In 1926 he gave his first gift to the scientific world in The Russell Charts of the Elements which completed the incomplete and incorrect Mendeléef Charts. He also charted and announced the existence of urium and uridium, and the four other transuranium elements which made atomic fission possible, also deuterium and tritrium and the other four hydrogen isotopes, which made the H-bomb and heavy water possible.

In 1921 Russell had a near death experience that lasted 39 days uninterupted.

In 1927 Russell released "The Universal One" to the top scientists of his day.

In 1947 Russell released "The Secret of Light."

In 1948-1949 Russell released "The Message of the Divine Iliad volumes I and II." It is from these two works that this site takes it's name.

Russell claims that he communed with God the entire time he had his near death experiences and from those experiences, he wrote "The Message of the Divine Iliad" and "The Secret of Light." This body of work basically describes God and Creation. Specifically how God actually goes about creating. As crazy as it may seem when you first hear of this, his work is quite compelling. Russell challenges many common assumptions of physics, science and the study of the Universe. Often times his message contains new concepts, metaphors and ways of thinking.

Even though Walter Cronkite, at the time of Russell's death, is credited with referred to him as "... the Leonardo da Vinci of our time," there is very little written of him. There are even fewer people who are aware of him at all. Having studied his work for several years now, I believe his explanations are in many ways superior to our own. His explanations are both verbose and scientific. His understanding of planetary motion and comparisons to atomic structures is highly unusual and extremely thought provoking. Many times he has re written my understanding of natural processes as well as the scientific basis which we take for granted.

So this site is here to develop a deeper understanding of Walter and Lao Russell's works. It is a place to gather with other like minded people (if there are any) and explore the many different concepts the Russells gave us. There is no financial incentive to this site. In fact money has no place here. We do not sell anything, we do not want personal information (other than to gain posting access to the discussion forum) and all the development costs are handled by me. Why? Because I want to know more about this guy and his message and I believe there are other people out there that want to know more too.

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