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"The only way that you can command your own destiny is to first vision it mentally. Make as clear a picture of it in your Mind as you can, then take one little step at a time in unfolding it. Each step will give you a clearer picture of that destiny ahead and will bring you one step nearer to it. Never say, "I cannot do it because I do not know how to do it". Start doing it and learn how to do it in the doing of it." - Lao Russell - God Will Work With You, But Not For You. - This is the original site that brought this work to life. It is the authorized outlet for Walter Russell's work. All of Walter Russesll's work is copyrighted and only available here. Please respect this publisher and purchase you own copy of his work here.

Philosophy.orgWalter Russell DE - This is a site dedicated to Walter Russell and a greater understanding. This is also the official place to purchase the German translations of Walter Russell's work. - The purpose of this web site is to offer to students of Russell Cosmology helpful signposts along the journey into the work of Walter Russell.